A Spark on the Candle means a Letter

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by Deirdre Orme

Do you know about Granard’s greatest love story – that of local lady Kitty Kiernan & her fiancĂ©e Michael Collins, General of the Free State Army.
Many letters were exchanged between Michael & Kitty documenting not only their love story but also the social & political happenings of the time.
At Knights and Conquests heritage center in Granard they have dedicated an exhibition room to this great story.

Itchy eyebrow, itchy nose, sweeping your luck out and a fat pig!

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by Chris & B. Barry, Cork

Chris based his digital collage on four prompts:

If the nose be itchy you will quarrel with a woman

If one’s eyebrow be itchy you will be drinking whiskey

A fat pig in a sty doesn’t hear a hungry one go by

Never sweep towards the door in the morning or you will sweep out your luck