Sonnet – Fairy Mischiefs

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by Áine Leddy, New York


The cows were dry again this morn 

Those fairy mischiefs doing their worst

With guilt and shame I was torn

My whole clan would feel the thirst

The spancel should have been installed

Before I closed my eyes to sleep

But I had milking churns to scald

And left gap open to fairy leap

I will do better I decided

In the duel with the little man

My efforts would not be derided

No more empty milking can

So move along you little louse

No more free milk around this house


Áine based her poem on the folklore “Fairies sometimes milk cows. To prevent this tie a hair spancel in the cow gap.”

The ‘Good People’

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by M Ni B., Longford



Down from their secret haunt they come, A-trooping down the hill,

green jackets, red caps, white owl feather

–  proud and bold they step together


The yellow moon doth guide them, as implishly they leap

their wizened crinkled faces, as old as rivers deep.


At midnight  ’round the red hot coal, they toast their tiny feet,

sipping clean Spring  water, they  search for loosened teeth.

They frown on itchy noses, a bed that’s facing West,

a web they love to weave around, the  Stranger or the  Guest.


Theý’re still around,  those little folk, who are both wild and free,

don’t lend an egg or spill the salt,

for certain they will point and say

”these humans are at fault”