This personal project was undertaken for Ireland’s National Heritage Week 2020. Under normal circumstances, within this annual week, people visit heritage sites and enjoy many events and workshops all over the country.

However, this year Heritage Week is going digital and participants have been asked to submit a project/event under three different headings. Our project is related to Heritage and Education.

Cáit Ni Bhrádaigh, a school teacher in Bunlahy N.S., collected local folklore in Co. Longford in the 1930s, a selection of which was published in the journal Béaloideas in 1936. As her granddaughter and great-granddaughter, we wanted to increase engagement with, and learning of local folklore, and more specifically with Cait’s collection.

Many of the folklore and proverbs Cáit collected are known countrywide but many we did not know. This project aims to awaken those lost sayings, proverbs and cures that are part of our Irish heritage.

Therefore, we invited people to interpret the sayings and cures in whatever creative manner they so wished. This website is the result of their efforts. We are grateful to our participants, young and old, from Ireland, England, Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S.A. without whom this project would not have been possible. Thank you!

We would like to invite you to participate in this project. if you are interested please email us at We welcome your creations!

More information can be found on this project and many more at

Meadhbh Ní Bhrádaigh & Sally McHugh
Cáit Ní Bhradáigh’s Original Copybook Collection

Global Participants

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New York: 40.712700, -74.006000
Thailand: 13.772000, 100.624000
Longford: 53.725400, -7.798230
Galway: 53.274400, -9.049060
San Francisco: 37.779000, -122.420000
Atlanta: 33.749100, -84.390200
Brixton: 51.456800, -0.116796
Japan: 35.682800, 139.759000
Dublin: 53.349800, -6.260270
Poland: 50.061900, 19.936900
Sydney: -33.763800, 150.924000
Perth: -31.952700, 115.860000
chicago: 41.875600, -87.624400