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Isn’t it soft the skin is on you

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by Eoin Moynihan, Longford


Isn’t it soft the skin is on you.

Aren’t those hands of yours so clean.

Has your back never bent to ponder

upon wheelbarrow or heavy beam?


Have your eyes been ensnared by some beauty?

It may be; your hand lent purpose to a plume.

Is it poetry that unsettles you,

seduced by some lingering full moon?


Be that as it may,

Life will hold sway

And it’s bother, you will not flee.

For it be neither soft hands nor a soft heart

that set us free.


It used to be the weasel was the deal breaker

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by Sharry Wright, San Francisco


Sharry Wright, an artist from San Francisco, based her collage on 3 pieces of folklore:

If going on a journey it is very unlucky to see a weasel. One should turn back, or he will have no luck that day

It is unlucky to meet a red-haired woman when going on a journey


It is unlucky to turn back when going on a journey

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